City & School elections (and their Bonds) are every year in either May or November, and residents within these cities and school districts vote.

Election Day: November 7, 2023

Early Voting: Oct. 23-27 & Oct. 30 - Nov. 3

Joshua is having a School Bond election of $107+Million.

Granbury and Keene are having City Council and School Board elections.

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Candidate Questionnaires will be sent to all known City Council and School Board Candidates (as listed on this site). All candidates will be given time to respond before Early Voting begins. Within this site will be the responses received by the candidates in their own words. If additional responses are received before Election Day, this site will be updated with those responses. 

Joshua ISD Bond

The Joshua ISD Bond is for $107+Million (see below breakdown) to be paid back by taxpayers in the Joshua School District. This is an increase of $10M from the last bond election in May 2022 of $97 Million where 60% of voters voted NO.

Budgetary numbers recommended by the Future Planning Committee to the JISD Board of Trustees on August 14, 2023. Click here for more information.

Granbury City Council

Place 4 Candidates:

Charles Beard

Brad Benson

Gary "Skip" Overdier

Place 6 Candidates:

Greg Corrigan

Alex Wolf

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Keene City Council


Place 2 Candidates:

Thomas Gutwa

Troy Smith

Ward 1 Candidates:

Jere Slough

Rob Foster

Bob Champman

Ward 3 Candidates:

Charles "Chuck" Easley

Owen K. Larson

Mike Lujan

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Granbury School Board

Trustee, Place 1 Candidates:

Jessica Wark

Rhonda Rogers Williams

Mike Moore

Trustee, Place 2 Candidates:

Alejandra Muñoz

Nancy Alana

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Keene School Board

Places 3 Candidates:

Not posted yet

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Upcoming City & School Board Elections in 2024

Election Day: May

Early Voting Dates:


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